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http:// -foams at mouth- rooooobeeeeeert..... downey jr.
i'm weird again.

circa 2008 or around that year, i was crazy about han kyung.

in this era, where normally girls are crazy about korean boy bands and edward and jacob and whatever,

i'm crazy about robert downey jr.

well, not to the 'omgbemyhub' degree. i'm not that crazy.

i'm on the 'omgbemyuncle' degree, the first of its kind i believe. seriously. when i was watching iron man, i was muttering 'tony stark, please be my uncle!!!' every few seconds. along the way, 'tony stark' changed into 'robert downey jr.'

that man is the gift from (the) god(s), okay!!!

after watching the iron man 2 trailer and sherlock holmes in dec. 25 (the best xmas gift ever!), i went home and watched iron man and kiss kiss bang bang.

that was when my crazy level, at first being 1, becomes 100.

mr. downey,

if you're reading this,

please be my uncle.


i forgot to add that i was so crazy, when i was watching the fifth element (now), i keep on wishing robert downey jr would somehow pop up. in fact, i didn't even want to watch the fifth element because rdjr wasn't in there.


no, i don't need help.


oddly, this is a phase i don't really want to grow out of. i love being crazy about rdjr. is that weird?



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