Well, I'm not the only one who can fuck stuff up.

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http:// my dog peed all over the trash can
I can't understand why Juno (formerly Junno with a double n) is so 'cute' to strangers. He's a goddarn hellboy.

So, um, because of him, we got a suite for our trip to Las Vegas instead of a hotel room.


That's right muthafuckahs. I'm in Vegas right now. Eat my foot. :D Pretty pictures were taken, but I think most of them have my eyes squished like a meatbun getting squished by a butt.

But it's nothing fun. >.< My aunt's friend's friend's family are in pieces right now. We kinda got dragged on and even though we're here for a vacation, I think the 'friend's friend's family' thinks gambling is a rare opportunity.

Anyways. I managed to get another steel ring (woot!) for $10 (WOOT!). I love steel rings, esp. the one I can fit in my thumb. I don't know why, but I think they're kind of like crack to me. Other than that, nothing else were interesting enough to tell.

'to tell' as in 'to tell without sounding like a las vegas first timer or a tourist with camera-hype.'

I'll be going back home on Monday, noonish or maybe even later. Then the next day,



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