Well, I'm not the only one who can fuck stuff up.

the dancing samurai

http:// Pseudo-nerd?
That's what I am, now that I think about it.

I don't read comics, but I do know who Mr. Zsasz is. And I love Runaways. (picked up a volume a while back) [VICTOR MANCHA!]
I don't watch Doctor Who, mostly because it makes me dizzy.
I'm not much of a brainiac. I'm stupid, actually.
I suck at videogames. Love 'em, but they're evil as fuck to me.

Yeah. Pseudo-nerd.

http:// GITING-SHIT. Damn, internet is so sad!
Read "Koko ni Iru Yo!". Whoever's reading this, read "Koko ni Iru Yo!". Read until chapter 10 page 18, and continue on if you want.


If I ever have friends like that on the internet, I will personally kick your ass if you leave me for no reason. I will start citing that epic 'Taken' speech (the 'I don't know who you are...' speech) as I hunt you down, perhaps changing the 'I will kill you' part because that's a bit too hostile for me.

And I will ask the reason, listen, and leave. That's all. :]

But don't betray me, guys! DON'T! D:

http:// summer break is baaaad for you!

So I forgot to go to my extra lessons today.

Hahaha. Funny. Haha.

SERIOUSLY. Nobody remembered that it's Thursday. It crossed my fleeting mind, but I never thought it was Thursday; my mind somehow believe that it's Tuesday.

Thankfully, we were due for payment. Soooo, we didn't waste any money.


edit, one day later: lawl. it wasn't a thursday after all. today, is the thursday. :]

don't forget the dates people!

[by the way, happy summer break, everyone! it's shitting hot, but they're having a big sale on fans. don't get eaten eaten by sharks if you go to the beaches, or loan sharks if you go to las vegas!

and don't get too mesmerized that you forgot days... like me.]

http:// oh wow
I never thought I'll say this, but I think I despise Mortal Kombat.

I thought I might like it (I like all fighting games after all) but I guess not. The questionable, whatthefuck gore; the unceremonious fatality; the wii stupidness (I can win it if I do the hand jive!); the original game's character building laziness... Ergh.

It makes me shiver in fright. I rather play chess. D:

http:// knowing D:
My dad equals Nicholas Cage in that number pattern movie. He writes down every lotto numbers and keeps them for no reason.

Argh. My head hurts. D:

http:// glee
Anybody watched that show? I watched it just now,

and it made me giddy and shit. :D

Argh! I love it! While Rachel's a bit nuts on the head, Finn is... -sigh- Cute.

I never thought I'd say that about guys other than Asians. But guess what?

I went to my room screaming after watching that show; I think I have another favorite.



http:// the weirdest accent I have probably heard in my life
Perhaps I'm too used to European and American accent. But when I listened to my cousin's accent (she lives in Singapore),


I guess it's the 'long time since I heard that' thing, but it's just plain weird. Most people won't probably know what it is, but they sound like they're speaking Cantonese while in actuality speaking English. And most people end their sentence with 'laaaa~.'

("What is wrong with you, laaaa~?!")

Or at least, the people I've met. I'm guessing there's a lot of people that do this since I actually saw this type of speaking in Singaporean-English books.

Didn't help my anxiety of going there in summer break. Grargh. D:

[google it if you're curious]

(no subject)
I thought that if I made this journal, I should really use it. You know, speak my mind out, embarrass myself, then lock myself inside a closet out of fear of getting insulted by my friends. Awesome plan.

So if you see me posting more frequently... Well, you'll know what happen. Not that anybody's reading this. :D

ITDG's Hate of Fanfics w/ OC's
I definitely understand if this is totally ironic as I also write fanfics with OC's (like New World's Flight... Whatever its called, I can't remember), but eh, I don't write those anymore cause I find them a bit too... Ergh. (Ergh is an adjective on my dictionary.)

Anyway. For authors who finds this offensive, or whatever, I'm sorry.

I, always, avoid reading stories with OC as the main lead. I mean, I don't really mind if the OC's are a side-character that isn't even mentioned in the summary. But otherwise, I try to get away from it.

The reason is because of how I have this trauma of reading a story, in which the OC can't even fit in the universe the story is in. I don't remember exactly what is it, but it was so weird, it got engraved to my mind into a permanent fear. It was awkward, it was weird, it passed the border line of the ridiculous.

I know. It's probably just a childhood(???) fear. But I see this pattern repeating, and I'm a perfectionist; I can't let go of a single mistake very easily. I can't read a fanfic about Japanese people when the OC's name is a Western name. Or their powers are a bit too godmod. OR when the OC's connection to the canon characters becomes too annoying.

Perhaps this is why I also avoid crossover fics; it's only my personal opinion, but Harry Potter and Naruto isn't a good ingredient for a good fanfic.

What I prefer more is an AU story. It gives the author more freedom to twist the characters' profile.
But sometimes I stopped in the middle of those when I realized the appearances a/o personalities of the characters are changed by OVER NINETHOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAND. I do get tired of emo!Naruto, maybe because I'm too used to his happy-go-lucky/dattebayo attitude.

Then again, I don't mind it if it's yaoi-awesome. Yes, favoritism does happen in my life.

So, eh, an advice... No. That's not right. It's more of a suggestion... So suggestion for authors with fanfics that has OC's as main lead:
Maybe consider writing an original story for the characters? You get more freedom this way. If you insists on the character having a relationship with a canon series' character, maybe try putting the canon guys secretly?
Remember, this is a suggestion. Not a must, not a flame.

But... I have to admit this post actually resembles a flame message....

I deeply apologize in advance.


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